Paganoni, Division of Mario Nava S.p.A., is specialised in performing wear resistant coatings on mechanical parts for drawing machines.
The company started in the 70s and developed on the basis of deep research and tests in the field.
The exceptional wear-resistance of our materials allows to draw any kind of metal wire, ferrous and non-ferrous, with excellent results in terms of life and quality of the end product.

  • WOLSIDE ® coating based on special tungsten carbides.
  • KERBLACK ® coating based on chrome oxide.
  • KERSINT ® sintered ceramics made of zirconium oxide-based components and other special minerals.
  • COLDSIDE ® coating based on special tungsten carbides.
  • NIKSINT ® coating based on nickel.

Paganoni, Division of Mario Nava S.p.A., apart from the standard range of products, is specialised in the manufacturing of mechanical parts according to specific customer's drawings and also, whenever possible, in the restoration of worn-out or seized-up parts, with the reconstruction of all necessary geometrical values.

Geometrical control of a drum coated with
Kerblack ®

Qualified internal departments carry out, if specifically required, certified dimensional, roughness and balancing tests with the issue of test certificates. The name Paganoni is acknowledged all over the world and stands for top quality products.

Dimensional control of the climb-up zone on a cone coated with Wolside ®

Control of a cone with Kersint ® inserts by means of a 3D-machine